Mass Folder Manager Suite


Manage all folders on your computer from a single window



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Mass Folder Manager Suite is a complete file manager that lets you automatically create, copy, rename, and delete files in a matter of seconds.

The program´s interface is divided up into several tabs that allow you to access every one of the program´s features in just one click. Plus, you can also preview any of the changes you make to your files and, if you´re not happy with them, undo them with the useful 'undo' feature.

Even though you can´t add folders using the practical drag and drop method, using the app is still not overly complicated, and the help button located on every tab will ensure you never get lost while using the program.

Mass Folder Manager Suite is a tool that is designed with a very specific user in mind, as the vast majority will never need to have such an exhaustive control over all of the folders on their computer.

The trial version only allows you to work with a limited number of objects

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